The National Security Advisor of Pakistan Nasser Khan Janjua has said that the wounds of Afghanistan must be healed quickly as he insists that more investments have been made to win the war but little has been done for peace process.

Janjua reportedly made the remarks at an international conference, ‘Media opportunities and challenges’.

“Afghanistan is a story of pains. It is a story of injuries. It is a wound of the world and also of region which should be healed as quickly as possible. Every investment has been made to win Afghan war but, unfortunately, we have not invested in winning peace,” he was quoted as saying by Dawn News.

Janjau further added that the innocent people in both Afghanistan and Pakistan had been suffering since the Soviet occupation of Kabul in 1979. But now, he said, peace was the only way forward.

Accoding to Janjua said the post-9/11 Pakistan stood with the international community, not with those who inflicted an atrocious attack on the US. On the prevalent blame game, he said: “It is a strange moment in our history that the US and all others are blaming us that we are supporting the militants.”

“The Taliban accuse us of supporting the US and vice versa. So both are blaming us, who’s right?” he added.


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