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Afghanistan’s Winter Turned Deadly, Killing 78 People Across the Country


The Islamic Emirate authorities reported on Thursday that 78 people have died over the last couple of days during Afghanistan’s harsh winter, worsening the humanitarian crisis in the country.

Amid the dire economic situation, the harsh winter has deepened the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. As a result of extremely cold weather, 78 people have died across the country over the last week according to Shafiullah Rahimi, a Taliban Spokesperson for the Ministry of Natural Disaster Management. Some 75,0000 livestock have also died, and more will die in the coming days he added.

In response to the harsh winter affecting ordinary people’s lives, Taliban officials have already helped more than one million people across the country, and are still trying to support more families during the harsh winter.

“The bitterly cold weather in Afghanistan has reportedly killed thousands of livestock across the eastern, western and northern regions,” the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said on Thursday.

Weather forecasts say that temperature will drop to as low as -35 degree Celsius in certain parts of Afghanistan this weekend, posing further threats to the living conditions of vulnerable families. Although humanitarian aid organizations are putting maximum efforts to provide winterization support to families, distributions have been severely affected by restrictions imposed by the de facto authorities banning female NGO aid workers, according to OCHA.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Emirate officials at the Ministry of Natural Disaster have called for more aid, as the country does not have enough resources to reach the affected families in different parts of the country.  

According to official sources, half of Afghanistan’s population, or 24 million people, is in immediate need of humanitarian aid, which is beyond the capacity of the country’s ruling regime.



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