The Office of the National Security Council of Afghanistan reacted to yesterday’s bombing in Quetta city which killed four people including the young brother of Taliban supreme leader.

The Office of National Security Council said in a statement it condemns the Friday bombing inside a mosque in Quetta city which killed or wounded a number of people.

The statement further added that Afghanistan has been suffering from such attacks for the past many years and has lost many of its civilians. Hence, Afghanistan condemnns yesterday’s attack and calls the explosions in mosques as un-Islamic.

Furthermore, the Office of National Security Council said Afghanistan believes in firm action against terrorism of all forms and in all places.

The Office of National Security Council also added that Afghanistan reiterates that terrorism is a killer phenomenon which acts against all nations, emphasizing that terrorism should be jointly rejected and should be acted against.

The statement by the Office of National Security also added that the Afghan people are the front-line victims of the ominous phenomenon of terrorism and there they understand the pain of those who lost their lives in yesterday’s attack.

An explosion ripped through a mosque in the outskirts of Quetta city on Friday afternoon, killing at least four people including Hafiz Ahmadullah, the young brother of Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada the supreme leader of Taliban.


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