<> on July 3, 2009 in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

The National Security Council of Afghanistan (NSC) has reacted at the privatization of war proposal.

“Today, our forces are successfully defending Afghanistan’s territorial integrity, the rights of Afghan citizens, and our national and Islamic values,” the Office of the National Security Council (ONSC), said in a statement.

According to reports, the founder of Blackwater Erik Prince, presented its plan regarding the privatization of the Afghan war to the U.S. President Donald Trump nearly a year ago.

In an exclusive interview with a private TV few days earlier, the founder of the company once again said the war in Afghanistan should privatized, emphasizing that the privatization of the war is the only way to end the conflict over a short period of time.

However, ONSC added in its statement that “This idea violates the principle that Afghans determine their own future. Afghan security and defense forces, under the framework of all applicable laws of the country, have the primary responsibility and authority for safeguarding the noble values of Islam, our national sovereignty, and the independence and territorial integrity of our beloved country and people.”

The statement further added that the war on terrorism is led – and will continue to be led – by Afghan national security and defense forces with support from our international allies. Under no circumstances will the Afghan government and people allow the counterterrorism fight to become a private, for-profit business.

“In no manner does the government of Afghanistan condone this destructive and divisive debate. As a sovereign nation, we will consider all legal options against those who try to privatize war on our land,” ONSC said, adding that “The protection of our Islamic values, our national way of life, and our citizens are this government’s most sacred responsibility. This can not and will not be outsourced to private business. We will not allow our struggle to be cheapened by the prospect of profits.”

“The government of Afghanistan remains steadfast in its commitment to leading the fight against terrorism,” the statement by ONSC added.