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Afghanistan’s ill-wishers in isolation, Ghani defends NUG success amid criticisms

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Mohammad Ashraf GhaniPresident Mohammad Ashraf Ghani spoke against criticisms raised against the Government of National Unity, insisting that the government has been successfully making breakthroughs in achieving its targets.

Speaking during a gathering in Kabul to inaugurate the youth parliament, President Ghani said the National Unity Government has been successful in achieving positive outcomes while pursuing its objectives.

President Ghani further added that the ill-wishers of Afghanistan located in its neighbor are in a state of isolation while the good governance by National Unity Government has saved Afghanistan from isolation.

The remarks by President Ghani were apparently directed to recent criticisms by Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah who called him as unfit for the office.

However President Ghani said the leadership does not mean ‘reations’, insisting that leadership is based on plans and on how to bring changes in the environment since the demands of the people could not be met if if the leadership is not capable to bring changes.

CEO Abdullah criticized President Ghani as he was speaking during a gathering in Kabul on Thursday to a group of young people in his office garden.

The Chief Executive said he had struggled to achieve much progress with President Ghani during the two years of their government on the issue of electoral reform.

He said President Ghani is not having time for him even in months so that he can have one-on-one meeting with him.
Abdullah insisted that “if someone does not have the patience for discussion, then they are not fit for the presidency, either.’’

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  1. Abdullah shld just calm down, as Afghanstan is now having a full war with Pakistan proxies and that shld be prioritized now. Afghans are dying from the savage daesh and Talebs sponsored by the Terrorst Rogue state of Punjabis. Now consolidation of the Afghans and unity is priority. Afghanstan is weak state and president Ghani is trying his best to safe a sinking ship. All must work together and president Ghani must make time to meet with Dr Abdullah to listen to people grievances,but people must stop just criticizing for criticism sake. Afghanstan is now in critical stage and cannot depend on a US and Nato all the time.

  2. What Afghanistan need to focus is on building a strong army and airforce. Develpoment of agriculture , education and technical skills and good governance.
    Building up democratic institutions. You can see the example of India in building up institutions which are required for any country to govern efficiently.
    Stop quarreling and focus on security and development.

  3. Yes Mr Ghani and with that you should also have mentioned what Afghans should think of Abdullah and others who has criticised you only once in 2years. Are they now pro Pakistan or ISI agents? Again and again Afghans will drag Pakistan in their internal matters. Why not tell that Pakistan wished you to win over Abdullah in previous election? This will only leed to a harsh reply from Abdullah and it will take no end but only a weaker government.

  4. yeah the ill wishers were Pro Soviet when USSR was bombing Afghan villagers, the Afghans had no open border except Iran and Pakistan, in Iran they were kept in camps, not allowed outside, those who did, were fearful of arrests and intimidation, in Pakistan Afghans were welcomed, made comfortable, people shared their homes, their food, whatever they had, before International aid arrived, Pakistan from its own meager resources raised funds to help with hospitals, schools, food, camps, medicine, doctors, for millions upon millions of people, yet some people think their enemies are their friends and their friends are their enemies, the Holy Quran clearly states that a believer who seeks the help of an unbeliever against a believer, has lost his Iman, his faith and ruined his akhira. Read the Holy Quran, one nation under God are all Muslims, not Hindu and Muslim or Kafir shirk committing Christians. For those who dont take heed like Firon, then you know what happened to them, they got cursed till eternity.


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