The Afghan officials are saying that goods worth around 56 million US Dollars have been exported to various countries via air corridors.

The head of the Public Relations of the senior Presidential Adviser for Banking and Financial Affairs Samir Rasa said the goods have been exported over a period of almost a year, since the establishment of the air corridors.

Rasa further added that the goods have been exported from Kabul and Kandahar airfields in 169 flights.

He said the goods have been exported to New Delhi and Mumbai cities of India, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

According to Rasa, the Memorandums of Understanding have been signed for the establishment of similar air corridors with China, Dubai, and other cities of India.

Rasa says the main purpose of the establishment of further air corridors is to boost the exports of the Afghan goods to the international markets.

In the meantime, Rasa said the High Economic Council has also approved the policy for the Industrial parks.

He said the approval of the policy has paved the way for the distribution of lands to the entrepreneurs in 13 industrial parks in 11 provinces.

Rasa also added that the distribution of lands in Barikab industrial park will soon commence for the 16 factories.