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Afghanistan’s embassy in India closes permanently

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Fidel Rahmati
Fidel Rahmati
Fidai Rahmati is the editor and content writer for Khaama Press. You may follow him at Twitter @FidelRahmati

In a formal statement, the Afghanistan embassy in New Delhi has declared its permanent closure. This decision marks the end of an era in diplomatic relations between the two countries, reflecting the profound changes and challenges that Afghanistan has faced in recent times.

Releasing an official statement on the closure of its diplomatic mission in New Delhi, the Afghan embassy said, “Effective from November 23, 2023, owing to persistent challenges from the Indian government. The decision follows the embassy’s earlier cessation of operations on September 30, a move made in the hope that the Indian government stance will favourably change to let the mission operate normally.”

Meanwhile, The Afghanistan embassy in New Delhi has declared that it is aware some people may describe this decision as an internal conflict. They mention that there were claims of diplomats switching their support to the Taliban, adding “that this decision is a result of broader changes in policy and interests”.

“To the Afghan citizens in India, the Embassy extends its sincere gratitude for their understanding and support throughout our mission’s tenure,” it added.

Despite facing significant challenges due to limitations in resources and power, the Afghan embassy has been dedicated to working tirelessly for the welfare of its people, especially in the absence of a legitimate government in Kabul.

Over the past two years and three months, the Afghan community in India has witnessed a sharp decline, including Afghan refugees, students, and traders, who have been leaving the country. According to the embassy’s statement, the community size has nearly halved since August 2021, and the issuance of new visas during this time has been minimal.

“We assure the Afghan community that the mission operated with transparency, accountability, and a commitment to fair treatment based on the goodwill and interests of Afghanistan considering historic ties and bilateral relations with India,” it added.

Despite efforts to tarnish our image and hinder diplomatic work to support Taliban-appointed diplomats, our dedicated team persevered, prioritizing the interests of Afghanistan’s 40 million people. We worked tirelessly in challenging circumstances, securing humanitarian aid and online education scholarships, promoting trade, and advocating for a broad-based government.

It added that the Afghan embassy “exerted diplomatic pressure in its power on those who defy the will of the Afghan people by failing to form an inclusive government and denying millions of girls the right to attend school”.

Currently, there are no diplomats representing the Afghan Republic in India. As stated by the embassy, those who served in the national capital have safely relocated to third countries.

“The diplomats of the Afghan Republic have handed over the mission solely to the Indian government. It now rests upon the Indian government to decide the fate of the mission, whether to maintain its closure or consider alternatives, including the possibility of handing it over to Taliban diplomats. The responsibility of diplomats appointed by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has officially come to an end. The unfortunate end of the Republic mission marks the conclusion of the Afghan Republic in India,” it added.

The Afghan embassy made a noteworthy announcement on November 1, revealing the closure of its operations due to a “lack of resources” and the perceived “failure to meet Afghanistan’s interests” by the Taliban regime.

The embassy issued a clear statement asserting that some consulates operating under Kabul’s instructions and funding do not align with the goals of a legitimately elected government but instead serve the interests of an “illegitimate regime.”

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