The Independent Election Commission Chief of Afghanistan Gula Jan Abdul Badi Sayad has vowed strict actions against the corrupt candidates amid reports certain power mongers attempted to disrupt the voting process in a number of provinces.

Speaking during a press conference in Kabul, Sayad said the power mongers and corrupt individuals would not be allowed to succeed in the elections and find their way to the parliament through fraud.

Admitting shortcomings during the conduct of elections, Sayad rejected the rumors regarding the weakness of the commission to properly administer the voting process and called it a propaganda by those who have failed to succeed in the elections.

He also added that elections were conducted in almost 200 polling stations on Sunday which remained close during the first day of the elections.

Sayad blamed the interferences by warmongers, technical and security issues as the main cause that prevented the opening of the polling stations in certain provinces on Saturday.

The voting process for the parliamentary elections kicked off in 32 provinces of Afghanistan on Saturday, except Ghazni and Kandahar provinces, where the polls have been suspended due to the recent political and security upheavals.

In the meantime, the Independent Election Commission officials are saying that around four million people have cast their votes during the parliamentary elections on Saturday and Sunda across the country.