Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said that lack of recognition of the Taliban, socio-economic and finance sphere, and humanitarian challenges that the de-facto authorities in Kabul are confronted with, is not a stable situation.

Sergey Lavrov in his speech in Moscow Format on Thursday, October 20 said that the new government settlement in Kabul (The Taliban) does not have an alternative for the foreseeable future.

The Moscow Format is attended by representatives from Afghanistan, China, Iran, Pakistan, and India.

Sergey Lavrov has also called on the US- did not participate in the Format- to keep readiness cooperate on the situation of Afghanistan.

“Terror groups like Al-Qaida and Islamic State may take advantage of the instability in Afghanistan and may scale up their attacks across Afghanistan.” Said Lavrov.

The Russian foreign minister also expressed concern over drug and terror overflow from Afghanistan to regional countries and asked the Taliban to live up to their promises and do not let their soil threaten other countries.

In the meantime, Afghanistan’s deputy PM Abdul Salaam Hanafi who is leading the Taliban’s delegation acknowledged that Afghanistan’s soil will not be used to threaten other countries and added to be acting as a responsible government that is protecting national and international values.

Hanafi asked the international community to recognize their government and seek positive interaction with the Taliban.