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Afghanistan’s central bank asks US to release reserves of Afghanistan

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The board of Afghanistan’s central bank-De Afghanistan bank- has asked the US to release the reserves of the country and allow the Taliban to have access to the billions of dollars.

A member of the board Sha Mehrabi told Reuters on Wednesday, September 1, that the United States and International Monetary Fund should take serious actions in this regard.

The plea comes as the US has frozen $9.4 billion reserves of Afghanistan’s central banks in the accounts of US banks.

The United States had said that the move is temporary and will release the amount once the Taliban remain committed to their commitments.

The position has made the situation worst in Afghanistan and the prices of food ingredients and fuel have been doubled at a time when hundreds of thousands of people left out of jobs and financial activities have dramatically decreased.

Shah Mehrabi has asked the international community to release the reserves if they do not want Afghanistan to plunge into an economic crisis.

The Taliban has previously said that they are willing to have friendly relations with the International community and are paving the ground for external investments.

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