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Afghanistan’s Bruce Lee to appear in a Hollywood film Soon

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Abbas Alizada, who is also famous as Afghanistan’s Bruce Lee for his resemblance with the former star, will appear in a Hollywood Movie.

A new film is expected to be produced by the United States film industry or Hollywood regarding the former Hong Kong and American film actor Lee Jun-fan.

Alizada has confirmed that he will play a role in the film and that he has also signed a contract with the U.S. film industry to appear in the film.

According to reports, the initial production of the film will kick off in the month of February in 2019.

The 25-year-old Abbas Alizada gained fame in the country and abroad after his pictures and media clips appeared in social media some years ago.

Alizada says he is a fan of the movements of the former film actor and hopes to find his way to Hollywood, one of the world’s largest film industries.

According to reports, Abbas Alizada has previously appeared in some foreign films including the movies produced in India and Azerbaijan.

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      • Appreciate having a person like this as a resemblance so close to Bruce Lee, instead of antogonizing add a few pluses, he is a great guy and not a racist,
        This is special because he is Afghan and is adding merit to Afghanistan.

      • Well done keep up the good work then run away before the government release 1000 Taliban. We will have the same situation as before.

    • Kooskash aramy padaret khaharet, madaret to haramzade koonii raa.
      O arami yak bar fikir kadi ki shomahayi koni chi darin aaaa
      Baghair as talib ve ISIS.
      Ki khoditana am ba gooo matan har roz ooo aramzada laanatii qawm parast!!!!

  1. Stop hating and give this man a chance. Physically he’s the closest thing to Bruce Lee. He trains everyday and isn’t a bad martial artist. With today’s special effects and world renowned martial arts stunt doubles, a new age Bruce Lee film has the potential to become a blockbuster hit. I’m excited and anticipate this man’s first Hollywood martial arts film and many more to come with big budgets to back him.

    • Completely agree with you..The Afghans can be proud of him, and possible success. Like cricket, they must find heroes who have worked had and succeeded. Now whether he is a Pashtun ,Hazara , Uzbek or a Tajik, it hardly matters..he can be a hero for all Afghans to celebrate.

  2. Abbas Jan, As a member of the Hazara community I hope that you bring a dignified pride to our country, so that even the person, who calls you a mushkhoor, may be ashamed of himself and begin to treat and respect all people as one and the same!
    Zinda baad Afghanistan and Sarboland baad all it’s people!!

  3. Dear Abbas jan, we Afghan people highly appreciate both your efforts and talents and wish you prosperous ahead. Specially i’m very very very proud of you and your endevours. Wish you a successful person dear Abbas jan, but no matter whether you are Muslim or not. Abbas jan Qahraman you represent yourself as a hardworking man from a successful Afghanistan.

    Rajab Mirzayee

  4. I am proud of him as afghan america is land of all kind of a porch nites he was meant to be bourn in afghanistan and be the Afghan pried i have the experience of film make in and bing in actor its a big challenge oh my god it needs so much time and heard work beside u have to have the skil look and talent i wish him the best if luck and i wish to be he’s promoter or same one as he’s organizer to look after him to top and best of the best .


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