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Afghanistan’s assets must be unfrozen: Pakistan’s UN envoy


Pakistan’s permanent representative in the United Nations Munir Akram has said that Afghanistan is going through a tough humanitarian situation so the country’s assets must be released soon.

Speaking at the UN on Thursday, November 18; Munir Akram expressed concern over the deepening humanitarian situation in Afghanistan and added that freezing the assets is rather unjustifiable.

“There is an urgent need of cash in Afghanistan in order for the de-facto authorities in Kabul to rehabilitate economy, pay salaries, rehabilitate banking system and continue micro-financial activities.” Said Akram.

In the meantime, the Pakistani envoy has warned of mass immigration, the potential rise of ISIS and other terror groups, and other terrible outcomes if left the humanitarian crisis unaddressed.

It is not the first time that Pakistan asks for releasing over $9 billion of Afghanistan now frozen in the US banks but the country’s top officials have repeatedly asked for the money to be released.

Earlier, the Taliban in an open letter to Congress asked for the money to be released to help prevent the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.



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