cross-border-shellingAfghanistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Mahmoud Saikal raised the issue of cross-border incursions by Pakistan during a debate by United Nations Security Council on Afghanistan.

“We welcome the growing voice of reason within Pakistan calling for a change in the right direction. In light of that, we want an immediate end to regular incursions along the Durand Line, which cannot and will not be tolerated by Afghanistan,” Saikal said.

Saikal further added “In the last three months alone, we have documented at least 56 instances of violation to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Afghanistan across the Durand Line, breaching article 2 (4) of the UN Charter and contrary to UN resolution 2131.”

He said the continued border violations by Pakistan jeopardizes the relations between the nations which comes at a time when making peace with Pakistan is essential to making peace with the Taliban.

The cross-border violations by Pakistani military was at its peak before the formation of the government of national unity late in 2014, but the provocative moves reduced by a larger extent last year.

In the latest provocative move by Pakistani military, the Pakistani air force helicopters infiltrated inside the Afghan soil in eastern Kunar province of Afghanistan with the local officials saying the helicopters dropped bombs on certain areas in this province.

The Pakistani military used to fire scores of artillery shells on daily basis to eastern Kunar and Nuristan provinces as well as other provinces located along the Durand Line.