indian-flagThe Afghan minister of interior Mohammad Umar Daudzai has said that the government of Afghanistan will renew request for the supply of arms and military hardware from India.

Daudzai has visited India to attend a security conference in new Delhi.

According to the Indian media agencies, Daudzai is expected to have informal talks with the Indian establishment during visit to New Delhi.

According to reports, a delegation of high level Indian security officials are also expected to visit Kabul in the near future, apparently to hold talks on security cooperation between the two nations.

This comes as the former Afghan President Hamid Karzai had requested India for over 230 types of military equipment, including helicotprs and field guns in April this year.

Karzai also handed over a list of military equipment to India during his two-visit late in the month of December last year.

However, India rejected the supply of lethal weapons to Afghanistan security forces amid fears that the supply of weapons could upset Pakistan.

In the meantime, Daudzai has said the government of Afghanistan expects that the request to supply arms to Afghan forces by will be acted upon by India.