Thursday, February 22, 2024

Afghanistan to make peace with Taliban: Zalmai Rassoul

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Afghan foreign affairs minister Zalmai Rassoul on Wednesday vowed to “vigorously” seek peace negotiations with the Taliban group in Afghanistan in a bid to prevent further violence in the country.

In the meantime US also welcomed peace talks with the Taliban group and said the door was still open to the insurgents to hold talks.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Wednesday reaffirmed US’ commitment to Afghanistan, and said that security transition in Afghanistan is on track, despite recent setbacks and the ‘difficult days’ ahead.

Afghan foreign minister Zalmai Rassoul met with the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to set up a new commission which will help steer future US-Afghan ties as American and NATO combat forces withdraw from Afghanistan by the end of 2014.

Rassoul said his country is fully committed to ‘shared sacrifices’ and taking on the challenges ahead. The bilateral commission will implement the strategic partnership agreement signed by the United States and Afghanistan in May of this year.

According to AFP the United States appointed deputy envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan James Warlick to lead the negotiations on the US side. Afghan Ambassador to the US Eklil Hakimi will head up the Afghan team.

But the talks come amid reports that the United States is scaling back plans to try to end the war by facilitating Afghan peace talks.

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  1. This is embracing for all the parties fighting the terrorist organization called Taliban. How this people are going to explain all the lost lives of brave afghan and international soldier in battle fields and thorough the suicide attack orchestrated by this organization.
    I think all the corrupted afghan government try to save their posts and wealth by making deals with such an organization without a shame. If this plan is working or not. At the end the afghan civilized propel who was fighting the Taliban even before the international soldier will handed over to the Taliban directly or indirectly. The so called peace maker which actually gives and did delivered all kind of psychological support to the Taliban is trying to keep them alive.


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