Afghanistan is due to implement distribution of electronic identity cards within the next one month, Afghan interior ministry officials said.

Deputy interior ministry spokesman Najeeb Danish said the initiative will be launched shortly in a bid to eliminate concerns of the Afghan independent election commission officials.

Mr. Danish quoted by Radio Free Europe (RFE) said, “The electronic identity cards distribution is in process and nearly 400 employees will be needed for the implementation of the project.”

He said the ministry of information and technology of Afghanistan vowed to prepare all the equipments required for the preparation of electronic identity cards, and hand over to Afghan interior ministry in the near future.

According to Mr. Danish the distribution of electronic identity cards project will cost at least $120 million.

This comes as the Afghan interior ministry, information and technology ministry; finance ministry and the Office of the Administrative Affairs and ministers’ council along with the independent administrative office for the local affairs together with central statistics department were asked to prepare a centralized mechanism for the administration, technical and operational parts of the electronic identity cards distribution.

Meanwhile Afghan independent election commission officials on Tuesday expressed concerns regarding the delay in distribution process of electronic identity cards and said the distribution of electronic identity cards was vital for the upcoming election in Afghanistan.

Chief of the Afghan independent election commission Fazal Ahmad Manawi said electronic identity cards should be distributed in a bid to organize a transparent and fair election in Afghanistan.

Distribution of electronic identity cards has been in progress during the past 3 years.

Afghan information and technology ministry earlier announced that the first electronic identity card will be issued to Afghan president Hamid Karzai during December this year.

Currently Afghan identity cards are issued on a piece of paper which can easily be forged.

According to reports a number of foreign nationals specifically from the neighboring countries have been given Afghan identity cards however Afghan officials say that act of forgery and distribution of identity cards to foreigners will be prevented once the distribution of electronic identity cards are implemented.