January 16, 2018

Afghanistan to distribute electronic identity cards

By Ghanizada - Mon Mar 26 2012, 8:49 am

Afghan government officials on Sunday announced to start distribution of electronic identity cards to the Afghan civilians within the next 6 months.

The distribution process is expected to be launched from capital Kabul and eventually cover other provinces of the country.

The officials said Afghans would be able to participate in the voting process with the new electronic identity card.

Besides the new electronic identity card will include facilities like specifications of vehicles owned or purchased by the Afghan civilians and specifications of the driving license will be electronically registered.

Afghan telecommunication minister Amirzai Sangin told reporters, the finger prints and eye image of each Afghan will be taken at the time of acquiring the electronic identity card. The specifications will be recorded in a bank of information.

Mr. Sangin also added, latest technology will be used to create the new electronic identity cards which will prevent any fraud since the new cards will be created with strong security codes.

The implementation of this project is considered to be very vital for the government despite the exact number of the Afghan population is unknown and the Afghan government is facing various issues like security precautions and voting process.

Afghan election commission officials expressed concerns for the participation of neighboring citizens in election process since it was difficult to differentiate between the Afghan citizens and foreigners.

Majority of the Afghans are having old identity cards which were issued before civil war and are in a bad condition while a number of the other Afghans are having identity cards printed on a single piece of paper. There have been growing concerns regarding the current paper printed identity cards since they can be created and printed easily.

The implementation of electronic identity cards was on the agenda of the government during the recent years but the process was going on slowly.

Afghan officials also said the new identity cards will also be distributed to Afghans who are residing outside the country.

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