The President of Pakistan Mamoon Hussain has said he is confident that Afghanistan will be a close friend of Pakistan in the future.

President Hussain expressed optimisms as he was speaking during a gathering at the President House on Wednesday.

He made the remarks in the aftermath of a tragic incident involving the murder of a Pakistani diplomat by unknown gunmen in Jalalabad city of Afghanistan.

Urging the Afghan government to fulfill its responsibilities towards protection of diplomats and regional stability, President Hussain said Pakistan was desirous of peace and development in Afghanistan and Afghanistan will have to trust Pakistan in that regard.

He expressed confidence that Afghanistan will be a close friend of Pakistan in the future, according to the local Daily Times newspaper.

The remarks by President Hussain follows as relations between Kabul and Islamabad remains strained, mainly due to the presence of the terror safe havens and circumstances surrounding the fight against terrorism.

The Afghan officials are saying that the Taliban and Haqqani network leaders use the Pakistani soil as safe havens for the attacks in Afghanistan.

According to reports, the United States last month shared a list of at least twenty terrorist groups with Islamabad which Washington insists use the Pakistani soil for the terrorist activities in Afghanistan and elsewhere, it has been reported.

It is believed that the Haqqani terrorist network is on the top of the list shared with Islamabad as the US officials are saying that the network has safe havens in Fata and uses them to launch attacks into Afghanistan.