Supreme CourtPresident Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai has said that the first female judge will be appointed in the Supreme Court of Afghanistan, which will mark the first such appointment in the history of Afghanistan.

In his speech to Shinhwa university students, President Ghani said the female judge will be appointed in the near future.

This comes as ARG Presidential Palace officials had earlier said President Ghani is intending to appoint a female judge in the Supreme Court of the country.

President Ghani said women have the right of ownership and participation in all fields and their rights are reserved in the religion of Islam.

The remarks by President Ghani were followed by a question from a student during his speech to university students on Wednesday.

He said the new government of Afghanistan will face challenges to implement and maintain law in the country but he insisted that his government is hopeful to overcome the issue within the next five years.

The Supreme Court of Afghanistan is comprised of nine members who are appointed by the president of the country and are given confidence vote by the Afghan parliament.

The chief justice is also elected by the president out of nine Supreme Court members once they receive confidence vote.