Afghanistan’s electricity body (Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat) on their official Facebook page announced that they signed an agreement of power with Tajikistan for 2022.

The statement by DABS read that the agreement on importing electricity was signed after two-day negotiations with the Tajik officials.

Afghanistan’s electricity body has also said that Afghanistan has also signed an agreement with Tajikistan during political changes in the country.

“Chief executive of DABS Hafiz Muhammad Amin leading a delegation met with Tajikistan’s head of electricity Ismailzada and his delegation and signed electricity agreement for the year 2022.” Reads the statement of DABS.

The two sides have also discussed major regional development energy-related projects including CASA 1000 and the line of 500 KW.

The new agreement comes as Afghanistan now imports over 80% of its electricity from central Asian countries.