The Afghan Taekwondo team won seven medals in the World Men’s Freestyle Taekwondo Competition in Islamabad, Pakistan.

19 Afghan Taekwondo players participated in the competition in two teams under the tricolor national flag.

The competition called “Pakistan Open” was held in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Afghan Taekwondo Federation spokesperson Zabih Shazad told the media that the Afghan Taekwondo team scored 17 points in the game.

Mr. Shazad added: “The Afghan Taekwondo A team won 1 gold, 3 silver, and 1 bronze. The team failed to win 2 bronze medals. Afghan athletes won a total of 7 medals.” In the men’s category, the Afghan team won the championship with 17 points.

Afghanistan Ranked first among 15 countries. In terms of medals between the men’s and women’s divisions, the Afghan team ranked fourth due to the absence of Afghan women in the competition.

This competition was held three days ago and 422 taekwondo players from 15 countries participated in the competition.