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Afghanistan rejects SIGAR report on disappearance of weapons

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Ahmad Shah Ghanizada
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Afghan forces excessive weapons supplyThe Ministry of Interior (MoI) has rejected the recent report by US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) regarding the disappearance of certain weapons supplied to Afghan national security forces.

A statement released by Ministry of Interior (MoI), said precise and accurate information is available with the ministry regarding the weapons and other equipment supplied to Afghan police forces.

The statement further added that the ministry uses latest tools and equipment to keep record of the weapons and military equipment including vehicles supplied, disappeared and depreciated.

The statement also added that MoI is prepared to cooperate with any local or international organization to provide the required information in this regard.

This comes as SIGAR in its latest report criticized the US Department of Defense (DoD) for excessive supply of weapons to Afghan national security forces.

The report further added that Afghan security forces have oversupply of weapons and equipment and have serious problems keeping track of those weapons.

According to SIGAR, Afghan forces received more than 112,000 small arms from United States from 2010 to 2013, which is what was required. However, SIGAR has expressed concerns that that the weapons supplied by the United States to Afghanistan could wind up in the hands of the Taliban and other groups seeking to destabilize Afghanistan.

The report said, “the scheduled reduction in ANSF personnel by 2017 is likely to result in even greater excess weapons. Given the Afghan government’s limited ability to account for or properly dispose of weapons, there is a real potential for these weapons to fall into the hands of insurgents.”

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