Afghanistan’s permanent mission in the United Nations has reacted to Pakistan’s recent airstrikes on Khost and Kunar provinces and added that the country has attacked Afghanistan’s territorial integrity.

The mission is a statement saying that Pakistan’s recent attacks on Afghanistan are a blatant violation of international law, a violation of the UN charter, and a violation of the UNGA and UNSC’s resolutions.

The statement has asked Pakistan to stop attacks on Afghanistan and respect the country’s territorial integrity.

“Pakistan’s rockets have claimed the lives of scores of civilians in Afghanistan’s eastern provinces over the past 20 years. Killings of civilians and assault on territorial integrity has no justification.” Reads the statement.

Pakistani jets carried out airstrikes in the Spera district of southeastern Khost province on Friday night killing over 40 civilians.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry in a press release claimed that their border guards have been targeted from Afghanistan’s soil by terror groups including TTP, a claim that has been denied by the Taliban.