Afghanistan established new routes for overflying flights amid persistent closure of Pakistan airspace.

The Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority in a statement said it has established two routes between West and East of Afghanistan to pave the way for overflying flights via Afghan airspace.

The statement further added that the opening of the new routes will once again result in an increase in overflying flights through the airspace of Afghanistan.

Furthermore, the Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority said it established the new routes following an agreement with the Civil Aviation Authority of Tajikistan.

The Civil Aviation Authority also added that the international airliners will use the airspace of Tajikistan and Afghanistan to travel to China and East Asia.

Meanwhile, the Civil Aviation Authority said reforms were also incorporated in West-East route which was earlier passing through Pakistan airspace. The reforms will allow flights from East Asia to West Asia via new routes.

According to Civil Aviation Authority, the two new routes will shorten the flight distance between East and West Asia and it is expected that the international airliners including Fly Dubai, Qatar Airways and others will soon resume flights via new routes.


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