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Afghanistan, on the verge of historic failure: Op-Ed

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Najibullah Lalzoy
Najibullah Lalzoy
Najibullah Lalzoy is a journalist and editor at Khaama Press. He has a BA degree in journalism.

Now it has been nearly one year since the inauguration of intra-afghan peace negotiations in the Qatari capital Doha producing thoroughly no result. For Afghans, the only route towards peace and stability in Afghanistan is being vanished and going in vain. Have been reached an agreement, the Taliban and the US with their milestone peace accord have not only wound up the longest military engagement of the US but also apparently bridged the gap towards a peaceful and all-inclusive Afghanistan. Contracting the historic agreement-US-Taliban peace pact- expressly indicated that the dialogue between Afghans would be rather smooth and rapid compared with the former one but that was not exactly the case.

The latest reports from the Afghan government peace delegation in Doha signifies that the Taliban are no more interested in negotiations. The republic delegation purportedly awaiting Taliban delegation to specify an agenda and sit at the negotiation table but the former receiving no go ahead or any green signal. Going back to the initial phase of these talks, the Taliban delegation commenced their regional trips rather than sitting at the negotiation table. Now after reaching the milestone deadline of complete withdrawal of foreign troops, the militants have completely altered their posture and seizing districts of daily bases. Roundabout 40 districts have fallen to their hands nationwide in past three weeks.

Having been deemed as the future power holders of Afghanistan by regional states and now dominating the warfare, the Taliban apparently have no reason to reconcile and ink any deal with the Afghan government. But that is absolutely not what the group is internationally expected to do. Intra-afghan negotiations culminating in an inclusive and stable Afghanistan are an integral part of the US-Taliban peace covenant. Taliban are bound to the aforesaid accord and are obliged to reach an agreement with the Afghan government one way or another.

The ongoing stalemate in Doha talks is merely affecting the daily lives of common Afghans being scapegoats of the gunfight, explosions, aerial strikes, and IEDs. Recognizing the fact that no war has been won by violence but came to an end through negotiations, the warring sides must shun violence and seriously resume talks. Both sides, for the sake of innocent men, women and children need to compromise their so-called red lines and reach an agreement. The republic by the Afghan government and pure Islamic government by the Taliban are not worthy of the lives of common Afghans. Who controls the country, through which political system they want to control is actually losing its value to the people of Afghanistan. The only thing Afghans demand is to see the bloody 50-year old war come to an end eternally.

Thus, as mentioned above, the only route i.e. Doha talks towards achieving a secure, stable and all-inclusive Afghanistan need not be shut and the historic opportunity must not be let go in vain. Both Taliban and Afghan governments should express a bit of flexibility and compromise their so-called red lines in order for the common Afghans to live comfortable and peaceful lives.

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