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Afghanistan Needs Further International Aid to Avoid Economic Crisis

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Nizamuddin Rezahi
Nizamuddin Rezahi
Nizamuddin Rezahi is a journalist and editor for Khaama Press. You may follow him @nizamrezahi on Twitter.

According to an official statement by the Taliban Central Bank, the Afghan interim administration so far has received more than 1 billion and 700 million USD in cash mostly in the format of international aid.

“Due to the prevailing worsening economic and humanitarian situations, the aforementioned amount is not enough to alleviate the negative impacts of the existing conditions on ordinary people’s lives. Therefore, more international aid is required to cope with the ongoing economic challenges,” the Central Bank’s spokesperson said.

More than 20 million individuals in the country are reportedly struggling with dire poverty and economic conditions. Some people have even sold their body parts and children to buy food for their families.

Moreover, more than half of Afghanistan’s total population lacks access to clean water, medical services, food, and other basic daily needs. This is severely affecting the lives of the poor segment of society, children in particular. Children suffer from malnutrition, with no access to proper medical services which leads to major causes of child mortality nationwide.

Since the Taliban’s takeover of the country in August 2021, they barred women and girls from working for government organizations, which led to further shrinking of the income sources of families. Thus, women and girls are also suffering from health care, financial resources, food, and other necessities.

The international aid received by the current administration of Afghanistan so far seems to be not enough since both national and international organizations are warning about rising deep poverty. Therefore, the ruling administration in Afghanistan, the UN, and other international organizations need to come up with some practical solutions to avoid worsening economic and humanitarian crises in the country.

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