December 17, 2017

Afghanistan mulling to buy aircraft and military equipment from Russia

By Khaama Press - Mon Jun 27 2016, 4:05 pm

Mi-35 gunships AfghanistanThe Afghan government is mulling to purchase aircraft and other military equipment from Russia, it has been reported.

The Russian Ambassador to Afghanistan Alexandar Mantytskiy has said the Afghan deputy foreign minister Hekmat Khalil

Karzai has shared the issue with his Russian counterpart Igor V. Morgulov.

Karzai during his meeting to Moscow nearly two weeks ago said “We sent a request to the Russian Security Council for expanding cooperation [in the military field], including for the deliveries of helicopters to Kabul.”

This comes as the Afghan and Russian defense officials have agreed to establish a military-technical cooperation committee in a bid to jointly combat international terrorism.

The Ministry of Defense officials in Kabul confirmed that a meeting was organized between the Afghan and Russian officials to discuss military cooperation between Kabul and Moscow.

The meeting was organized on the sideline of the 5th International Security Conference in Moscow late in April which was attended by over 500 politicians and military leaders of the world.

In the meantime, the officials in the Ministry of Defense have said Kabul welcomes Russia’s support to the Afghan armed forces, insisting on a regional and international cooperation to fight the menace of international terrorism.

The Afghan officials are optimistic regarding Russia’s support to Afghanistan to help equip the Afghan forces who are having well experience with the use of Russian military equipment.

The defense officials are saying that the Afghan Air Force is still using the Russian made Mi-15 and Mi-17 helicopters which have been purchased by the United States from Russia.

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  1. They should buy UH-1 Huey helicopters. Those are not as $$$ and are strong workhorses!

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