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Afghanistan Mourns the Loss of Renowned Quran Qari, Barakatullah Saleem

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The Islamic community of Afghanistan and Afghans around the world are mourning the loss of Barakatullah Saleem, a revered figure in Quranic recitation and scholarship, who passed away at the age of 73 after a prolonged illness. Born in 1950 in Nangarhar province, Barakatullah’s journey was marked by resilience and dedication to the Quran from an early age.

Despite losing his eyesight at 14 months, Barakatullah Saleem found his calling in Quranic studies, guided by his father, Molavi Ghalajan. By age nine, he achieved the remarkable feat of memorizing the entire Quran. His quest for deeper knowledge led him to Egypt in 1964, where he studied under eminent qaris such as Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil al-Hussary and Abul Ainain Shuaisha. Over six years, Barakatullah mastered ten recitation styles, a testament to his exceptional talent and unwavering commitment.

Returning to Afghanistan, he revolutionized Quran memorization techniques and established himself as a prominent figure in religious circles through his work with Radio Kabul. In the 1990s, he founded the association of Afghanistan’s qaris, a position he held until his death.

Qari Barakatullah’s legacy as a teacher is unparalleled. Over five decades, he trained over 800 Quran memorizers, leaving an indelible mark on Islamic education in Afghanistan. Despite the changing political landscape, he remained in Kabul, committed to his spiritual calling, away from the realm of politics.

His concerns about the state of Quranic education in Afghanistan, particularly the lack of qualified qaris, led him to record the Quran in 14 styles for television and author 13 books, some now part of educational curriculums.

The news of Qari Barakatullah’s death has resonated deeply within the Afghan community, sparking an outpouring of grief and tributes on social media globally. His death is not just a loss for Afghanistan but for the entire Islamic world, leaving behind a rich legacy in Quranic scholarship and education.

Qari Barakatullah Saleem will be remembered as a beacon of hope and enlightenment, whose life’s work contributed immensely to the spiritual and educational richness of Afghanistan and beyond. His teachings, recordings, and writings will continue to inspire future generations, keeping his memory alive in the hearts of many.

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