October 22, 2018

Afghanistan launches fish farming in mega $300m Salma Dam built by India

By Ghanizada - Sat Oct 29 2016, 4:47 pm

salma-dam-fish-farmingAfghanistan has launched the fish farming (pisciculture) in the mega Salam Dam built with the financial support of India in western Herat province of Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock of Afghanistan (MAIL) said at least 50,000 fingerlings were released in the dam to start the fish farming.

MAIL further added that the step has been taken to start fish farming besides the dam produce electricity and irrigates hundreds of acres of land in Herat.

According to the officials, the fish chicks will start producing more fishes after two years and will produce thousands of tons of fish.

The officials also added that 1.5 million Afghanis have been invested for the establishment of the fish farm in Salam Dam.

The landmark Salma Dam project was inaugurated by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in western Herat province of Afghanistan earlier in the month of June this year.

The reservoir of the dam is 20 kilometer long and 3 kilometer wide and has a storage capacity of 640 million cubic meters of water.

The officials earlier said the dam is expected to produce 42 megawatt of electricity and will irrigate around 80 hectares of agricultural land.

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  1. Since Afghanistan and India have good relations, why don’t Afghan Govt request Modi to help build another dam on river Kabul which will further help in irrigation and to generate employment to thousands of poor?
    It is better for President Ghani to take initiative in this regard. If any other country like Pakistan , US or China want to help build the dam, let President Ghani find out. If not , better to explore the options with Modi. I am sure if President Ghani requests, Modi will surely help in the construction of dam.

  2. Modi can built dam for Afghanistan but this dam can not provide such support to Afghan as Pakistan is providing by supporting refugee. We will see Red-Burned-Faced-Modi if we ask him that he should take all the 3Million Afghan refugees that Pakistan is supporting for decades to win our hearts. Asking Pakistan to include us in their CPEC is better way to move towards fast development rather looking for unjustified foreign support for unjustified development projects that could only help their own motives.

  3. Kamran, you are taking it wrongly. I, as Indian always say your country to keep very good relation with your all immediate neighbors, specially with Pakistan.

    Regarding sheltering refugee: you should be aware that Pakistan gov. also gets money from international bodies to shelter refugee. Their condition is very worse there. If any blast happens there then refugees are immediate target. All blame are shifted to Afghan refugees.

    Off course you should join CPEC if possible and beneficial for your country.You should do everything which can bring prosperity to your country.

    Further joining India will not harm you as India is one of the biggest and most influential country in the world with huge potential and it will help to boost both countries economy and revenue through several project like TAPI, Dams, Road, Infrastructure, Electricity, education, health care, space technology etc.

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