September 19, 2018

Afghanistan issues arrest warrant over blasphemous article

By Khaama Press - Tue Oct 21 2014, 7:59 pm

Afghanistan ExpressThe Ministry of Interior (MoI) and the Ministry of Information and Culture were instructed to take immediate actions for the arrest of The Afghanistan Express newspaper staff.

The decision was taken on Tuesday during the Council of Ministers meeting chaired by Chief Executive Officer Dr. Abdullah Abdullah.

A statement released by the Council of Ministers said the staff of The Afghanistan Express newspaper were charged with blasphemy for publishing an article which desecrated the religion of Islam.

The statement further added that the government of Afghanistan will take strict actions against those involved behind the publish of blasphemous article.

This comes a number of the religious leaders, civil society activists and former Jihadi leaders strongly condemned the newspaper for desecrating the religion of Islam by publishing the article.

The article published by The Afghanistan Express had reportedly insulted to Allah, Prophet Muhammad and religion of Islam.

Abdul Rab Rasoul Sayyaf, a prominent Mujahideen leader called the writer of the article a pervert and said he expects strict actions against the newspaper by the government of Afghanistan.

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  1. When are Afghans going to once and for all unload their society of these backward tyrannical idiots like Abdul Rab Rasoul Sayyaf and let the educated and forward thinking young people take their rightful places of leadership? How much longer can you tolerate these buffoons who hide behind religion to remain relevant and hang onto power? 

  2. Islam as a religion needs to be opened for discussion if we want to improve it as peaceful one. I read the article, the person only gives his opinion about what he thinks God is. To some extend, he is right he wrote that Taliban and ISIS do things in the name of Islam and these terrorist groups have proofs on what they rely on (Surrah and Aya of Quran). Therefore, if someone (as pervert Sayyaf) believes that this young person is misbelieving things, it is his responsibility to intellectually comprehend him instead of execution and torture!!!

    1. I am very happy this is happening, if you talk bad about Islam something bad should happen to you.

    2. Mr.Jay, 

      Islam is a widespread and opened religion; most special for discussion. If someone or even a Muslim do so , such as a Taliban or ISIS is doing  is not the problem of a religion ” Islam” which talks about peace, composure, honesty,trusteeship,ethics and beliefs.but the problem of that specific person, and he or she could be belonged to any religion on the face of earth.

      Being a Muslim I am asking you a question , when Adolf Hitler was killing the Jews was it said by his religion or he was behind the power. Off course not his religion ” Christianity”.

      Every religion talks about peace , ethics and human being life welfare; coming to the Islam as what you have mentioned as a short-scrip commented on the topic which ” The Afghanistan Express” released it, not on person you name him.  I challenge you that “Islam”  was a open, is a open; and it will be a open religion till the day of judgement. But if people like you once go through ” Islam” fundamentals. I am sure he shall be guided to the right religion which contributes humanity and love.

      Hope you don’t mind.

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