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Afghanistan issues 100bn new Afghani bank notes

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Afghan currencyThe Central Bank of Afghanistan — Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB) officials on Tuesday announced that fresh banknotes amounting to one hundred billion Afghanis have recently been printed.

DAB officials also informed that the latest specifications have been placed in the new banknotes in a bid to make it easier to differentiate from the fake notes.

The officials also added that the Central Bank of Afghanistan remains committed to meet the needs and issues of th Afghan market.

The new bank notes are due to be distributed in accordance with the market demands, DAB officials said adding that the new banknotes have been printing considering the needs of the market for the next five years.

A British firm was contracted to print the new Afghan bank notes and the contract was reportedly given to the firm against $20 million.

According to reports the Afghan government has also ordered to print another one hundred million Afghanis and the new bank notes will be printed as per the demands of the Afghan market.

In the meantime deputy governor for the Central Bank of Afghanistan Khan Afzal Hadawal said the new specifications of the bank notes will remain confidential with the bank while some of the specifications will be made public in the near future.

This comes as the residents of Kabul city and other provinces of Afghanistan including the business owners complained of facing issues with the fake bank notes in the market.

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  1. So does this mean that the older 1993 notes are no good. I went to the bank and only saw the newer 2004 and above notes were redeemable. The older notes were not on the screen. Just the newer ones.Why is that.?


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