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Afghanistan International Bank (AIB)

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Afghanistan International Bank is a leading commercial bank in Afghanistan. AIB was founded in 2004 at the instigation of three Afghani groups and supported by Asian Development Bank. AIB shareholders include:

–  Asian Development Bank (ADB), a multilateral development finance institution.

–  Afghan Investment Partners Corporation, a leading investment company in  Afghanistan.

–  Horizon Associates LLC, an investment company of the Mohib Group; a substantial commodities trader in the region.

–  Wilton Holidngs Ltd., part of the Rahmat Group, active in both Pakistan and Afghanistan focusing on the production of textiles, fruit processing and trading operations.

The shareholders’ major objective from the inception of the bank has been to assist in developing the Afghan economy and to conduct business in accordance with international governance standards.

Today the board of directors has seven members three of whom are independent, with hands off approach to the bank’s day to day operations. Independent directors of the bank include:

Mr. Ronald Stride  – Previously Managing Partner for Booz Allen and Hamilton Asia

Ms. Veronica John – CEO of an Emerging Markets Private Equity Fund (Singapore)

Mr. H. Azizi            – Retired senior Afghanistan banker

AIB has 16 branches (seven planned to open in 2010, bringing the total to 23) giving it presence in all main business areas covering, north-south-east-west of the country. AIB has a customer base of over 26,000. AIB’s business units comprises of Corporate, Retail, E-Banking (POS, ATM, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking) and Treasury services.

The bank offers a variety of products and services under the Retail Banking such as current accounts, savings accounts, term deposits, payroll services, debit cards, web surfer cards, payment services and internet banking services.

AIB also pays special attention to its corporate customers through its Corporate Banking Services, which comprises of an array of customized banking solutions tailor-made according to the needs of its corporate customers in Afghanistan. These services include Cash Management, Trade Finance, Loans, Foreign Exchange and Treasury services. For more information on products and services 

Corporate Governance has been and continues to be a major focus for AIB. As part of its investment in strong governance, AIB is enhancing its AML monitoring system that is compliant with the international standards.

AIB’s strategy is to build a sustainable foundation based on prudent growth and risk management, while adhering to the highest level of corporate governance. AIB’s growth strategy is evident in its 2009 year end results.

December 31, 2009 Actual results show:

–          Capital Adequacy Ratio of 41.78%

–          Equity to Asset Ratio of 10.75%

–          ROA of 5.64%

–          ROE of 39.83%

–          NPL’s Net (after deducting provision) 0.32%

–          80% liquidity of assets

AIB believes these ratios to be the strongest among local Afghan banks with the highest CAMEL rating among private banking institutions. For further information on AIB’s financials

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AIB Head Office:
Shahr-e-Naw,Haji Yaqoob Square,Shahabudin Watt,

P.O. Box No.2074 , Kabul Afghanistan


Tel:    +93 (0) 20 255 0 255    Tel:    +93(0) 799 08 98 98
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