The Afghan government has included the sexual abuse of children ‘Bacha Baazi’ crime in its revised penal code.

The Minister of Justice Abdul Basir Anwar informed regarding the inclusion of the crime in the penal code during a press conference in Kabul today.

He said the sexual abuse of children ‘Bach Baazi’ is one of the main crimes included in the revised version of the penal code.

Anwar further added that the revised law has been registered after it was passed by the cabinet of ministers and signed by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani during the period of around nine months.

The minister of justice also added that reviewing the judicial and criminal code and laws was one of the main commitments made by the government of national unity in London summit on Afghanistan.

The Afghan government for the first time finalized a law to criminalize the bullying and sexual abuse of children ‘Bacha Baazi’ late in February this year.

This comes as numerous reports emerged during the recent years regarding the worsening situation of the children subjected to abuse and bullying.

The issue attracted attention of the global human rights activists as there are concerns regarding the health and mental condition of the victims of the stigma.

The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission also expressed concerns regarding the mental situation of the victims, saying the majority of the children kept as slave are repeatedly raped.

On the other hand, the international human rights activists are saying that in majority of cases the victims become perpetrators which help the stigma to further continue after they become adults and keep other children as their slaves.


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