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Afghanistan hints at foreign spy link behind deadly attack in Kabul

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GTY_tribute_kabul_attack_1_463747091_jt_140119_16x9_608The National Security Council of Afghanistan, chaired by president Hamid Karzai accused the foreign intelligence agencies behind the deadly attack in capital Kabul on Friday evening, which left at least 21 people dead.

Without naming any specific foreign intelligence service, the National Security Council (NSC), said such sophisticated and complex attacks are not the work of the ordinary Taliban.

The presidential palace media office following a statement said, the NSC concluded in its session on Sunday that the foreign intelligence services beyond the border are behind such bloody attacks.

The veiled reference was apparently towards the Pakistan’s military intelligence – Inter Service Intelligence (ISI), as Afghan officials have long voiced suspicions about connections between the Taliban militants and Pakistan’s powerful intelligence serivces.

The Taliban militants group in Afghanistan claimed responsibility behind the incident, which left at least 21 people including 13 foreigners dead.

Three Americans, two British citizens, two Canadians, the International Monetary Fund head of mission, and the Lebanese owner of the Taverna du Liban restaurant were among those killed.

A suicide bomber initially detonated his explosives near the entrance gate of the restaurant, while the two other militants entered the restaurant compound and gunned down dinners and staff.

Taliban in a statement said the attack was carried out in reprisal to coalition forces airstrike in northern Parwan province of Afghanistan.

However, Afghan officials believe that foreign intelligence services beyond the border who are maintaining relations with the Taliban group in a bid to have influence in Afghanistan after NATO withdrawal, are behind the deadly attack.

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