November 19, 2018

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By Khaama Press - Fri Jun 17 2016, 10:55 am

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  1. We will make you accept it. If you close Angoor Ada, you have NO moral authority to talk about Torkham. Secondly, I don’t care, go to India and use Chahbehear once it has been built. Your import transportation costs will increase 100%, Iran won’t be as nice as Pakistan and you’ll have to pay transit fees as well, it will take longer time to trade and most likely the prices will be higher. So just go, leave. We won’t care, it will affect you not us. GO TO INDIA, GOOO! Leave us, we don’t want you.

  2. Where is India at the time when Soviet attack Afghanistan. Then you cowered man come to Pakistan and buy your own home at Quetta. You afghans are selfish people should never be trusted.

    1. Frist afghan are not selfish, second afghanistan save your contury form Russian Attacked, Afghan sacrificed himself for PK, and what was the pakistan action, handover afghan ambassador to America naked afghan ambassador in front up America that was pakistan kind on afghanistan, be shame on your duties afghan are innocence people, and PK role of devil.

  3. Thanks from your weak idea,

  4. If you don’t blame Pakistan and are not going to do anything about it what’s the problem in accepting the line as border?

  5. It is not only the Durandline, but fake Pakistani state had and still have many problems with its existance. Where to start, East Pakistan, NW territories, KP, Beluchistan, Kashmir… All the people in these areas does not blong to Pakistan and waiting for the right moment…
    Closing borders, killing, raping and waging proxy war with terror, these are all tactics, which will never succeed in long-term.
    Here is the problem with Pakistan: It is a undemocratic state ruled by general, weak infrastructure, uneducated population, corrupt ruling class, and the terrorists, radicals and drug dealers and the generals are considered the most important people and the decision makers in Pakistan.
    Internationally isolated and every day the international forces are hunting terror bosses who are working under the protection of Pakistan. What to expect from such a failed country?

Comments -49 - 0 of 5First« PrevNext »Last

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