Afghanistan vote auditThe Independent Election Commission (IEC) officials said Friday that the president election vote audit and recount process has been completed.

IEC spokesman, Noor Mohammad Noor, told reporters that the audit and recount process concluded on Thursday evening.

Noor further added that the audited teams managed to complete the audit and recount process of the remaining 705 ballot boxes.

Around 22,828 ballot boxes were audited during the audit and recount process which kicked off on 17th July.

The audit follows an agreement between the two Presidential candidates, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and Dr. Ashraf Ghani – facilitated by the US Secretary of State, John Kerry – on the complete audit of the 14 June run-off results.

Both candidates committed to participating in and abiding by the result of the audit.

The audit was conducted by Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission (IEC), under close and extensive international supervision led by the United Nations and in the full presence of international and domestic observers.