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Afghanistan Economic Stabilization World Interest: U.S. Envoy

FILE: United States Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West

KABUL, Afghanistan – The United States Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West said that the United States is ready to support dialogue among Afghans, exclaiming such is the “world’s interest to stay focused on Afghanistan economic stabilization.”  

This came at a time Uzbekistan hosted a two-day conference on Afghanistan, where delegation from more than 20 countries gathered to facilitate approaches for international communities to better engage in diplomatic relation with Afghanistan, as well as promote peace and security in the country.

“No foreign country should hand-pick leaders or impose a process on Afghans, but the United States stands ready to join partners in supporting dialogue among Afghans regarding a brighter and more inclusive future for their children,” he wrote in a thread.

Addressing the ever-increasing restrictions against women and girls’ education in Afghanistan, West said “many colleagues also raised grave concerns regarding human rights abuses, including restrictions on journalists and women’s ability to contribute to the country’s economic growth.”

“Tomorrow, a senior U.S inter-agency team will continue pragmatic engagement with the Taliban and Afghan technocrats regarding macroeconomic stability issues,” he added.

In an interview with Uzreport World TV channel, west commented on the role of Uzbekistan in ensuring stability in Afghanistan, saying Uzbekistan engage with the Taliban on a wide range of matters, including terrorism, border instability, and human rights to ensure support to the Afghan people.

“Uzbekistan not unlike the United States, they are engaging with the Taliban on concerns regarding terrorism, concerns regarding border instability, concerns regarding human rights, and so we are coordinating our policies with one another to be sure that we are speaking with one voice to the Taliban,” West said,” as TOLOnews quoted.



Meanwhile, the US Special Envoy for Afghan women and human rights Rina Amiri at the Tashkent conference stressed on the economic stability, security, and women’s rights in Afghanistan, saying inclusive government is the only way towards betterment of the country.

“At the Tashkent Conference on Afghanistan, US4AfghanPeace and I stressed that security, economic stability and peace cannot be achieved without upholding the rights of women, ending abuses against all ethnic and religious communities and fostering an inclusive political process,” she tweeted.

“(I) was heartened to see international solidarity in support of girls’ right to education & strong support for women’s right to work in order to contribute to the economy,” she wrote. “Whereas most called for an inclusive political process, no one expressed support for Taliban recognition.”

Tomas Niklasson, Special Envoy of the EU for Afghanistan, who was also participated the Tashkent Conference, emphasized on the need for inclusive government in the country, where women and minority groups will as well be part of government bodies.

“I underlined the lack of a recognised Afghan government and the need for inclusive governance where all Afghan women and men have a say and where different political factions and ethnic and sectarian groups are represented,” he tweeted.

“I underlined the serious human rights situation as reported by UNAMA, including the rights of women and girls, ethnic and sectarian groups – notably Hazaras and Shias – and media freedom,” he wrote.

The Tashkent conference on Afghanistan came at a time Taliban government continued to pushing for formal recognition. But so far no country has granted such a wish, though diplomats of Pakistan, Iran, China and Russia – including a number of other international countries – are operating in Afghanistan.

International community – including world leaders – laid down conditions before giving the Taliban a formal identity to lead the Afghanistan republic government: 1- Observe women’s right, 2- freedom of speech, 3- formation of inclusive government, 4- and never use of Afghan soil as a threat to other countries, including the United States.


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