Taliban demands in peace processThe foreign ministry of Afghanistan on Sunday denied Taliban group’s demand regarding the formation of a transitional government and revision of the Afghan constitution.

Taliban group in Paris conference said they are opposing the current government and constitution in Afghanistan.

The other conditions of the Taliban group to sit-in for peace talks included immediate withdrawal of all the NATO troops and the representatives of the Taliban group insisted that stability in Afghanistan will be guaranteed only if these conditions are considered.

The demands by the Taliban group comes amid president Karzai’s remarks on Saturday regarding the future of Afghanistan beyond 2014 when foreign troops leave Afghanistan. He said that the situation in Afghanistan will be in favor of the Afghan people after NATO pullout.

Foreign ministry spokesman Janan Mosazai following a press conference on Sunday denied the demands of the Taliban group and said, “The formation of a transitional government is only a dream which will never come true, and is impossible and will not be for the benefit of the Afghan people.”

Mr. Mosazai emphasized that the framework of the Afghan constitution has been prepared in a way which facilitates all the political groups and individuals to take part in politics, security, economic and cultural events in Afghanistan.

He said Afghan people have agreed the constitution and only the “Loya Jirga” grand assembly has the authority to bring changes in the current constitution.

In regards to the peace process Janan Mosazai said the principles and conditions of the Afghan government is clear, which includes respect to the Afghan citizens including women and children, termination of links with the international terrorism and end of violence against the Afghan people.

According to Mr. Mosazai the conditions have been prepared by the Afghan people during two historical grand assemblies.

The Paris conference on Afghanistan was attended by government opposition, Afghan peace council and government reprsentatives which was welcomed by Afghan president Hamid Karzai however he warned that Afghanistan will take necessary actions if any decisions regarding the Afghan people was taken in the conference.