The Afghanistan national football team defeated Maldives 2-1 in a friendly football match organized in United Arab Emirates tonight.

Both the teams started the match aggressively but the Afghan footballer Hassan Amin managed to hit the first goal of the game during the initial minutes of the first half.

However, the Maldives footballers increased their attacks and subsequently managed to level the game by hitting a goal during the 38th minute of the game.

The first half of the game ended with the both the teams hitting one goal each.

But it was Omid Popalzai who hit the second goal for Afghanistan during the second half and in 62nd minute of the game.

The players of the two teams attempted to hit further goals but no results were achieved and the friendly match ended in Afghanistan’s favor after the additional time given by the match referees ended.

Afghanistan and Maldives have appeared head to head for at least four times since 2009 with Maldives having a upper hand in at least two matches.

The first match was organized in 2009 which the Afghan team lost 3-0 but the second and third matches ended in draw.

However, the Maldives team managed to secure victory 4-1 in the fourth and final match with Afghanistan in 2015.