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Afghanistan concerned over Pakistan’s plan to construct dam on Kabul-Indus river

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Ahmad Shah Ghanizada
Ahmad Shah Ghanizada
Ahmadshah Ghanizada is the deputy editor in chief for The Khaama Press Agency who manages and overlooks the English edition.

project-pakistan_2The national security council of Afghanistan instructed the ministry of foreign affairs and ministry of finance of Afghanistan to convey the concerns of Afghanistan to World Bank regarding the planned construction of Dasu on Kabul-Indus river.

The ministry of foreign affairs of Afghanistan announced Sunday that Pakistan has proposed the planned construction of Dasu Dam on Kabul-Indus river in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

World Bank forwarded the construction plan of Dasu Dam to Afghanistan to obtain the views of the Afghan government, foreign affairs ministry said following a statement.

The statement further added that the government of Afghanistan has called for comprehensive and necessary assessment of the construction plan of dam on Indus river, since the issue was not shared through diplomatic channels with the Afghan government and no agreement was reached between the two nations in this regard.

The foreign affairs ministry of Afghanistan also urged all the international organizations including the World Bank to prevent funding the project without the written and formal agreement of the Afghan government.

construction work of $7 billion Dasu hydropower project is expected to be started this year and the project will completed by 2037.

The dam will be constructed in two stages and four phases on Kabul-Indus river, which will have a capacity of 4,320 megawatts.

According to a World Bank and Wapda report which was published by Pakistani newspapers, the first phase will be comprised of installation of the full dam and three of the planned 12 turbines, while phase two, three and four will involve the installation of three more turbines in each phase.

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  1. This is an example of World Bank diverting funding from Afghanistan that will continue the longer a BSA goes unsigned with Afghan government. Investors can only perform projects in countries with known funding for their government and military as investors require safety, security, and stability which it sustained by sustainable government and military operations.

    Pakistan is a good example of a country in possession of this. Afghanistan, minus a BSA, is not. And it is unwise for World Bank, China, India or any other investor to assume it can fund construction projects in countries lacking stable government and military.

    The longer BSA goes unsigned, means faster investors will divert investments out of Afghanistan, especially when those investors know it can be signed at anytime.

  2. Afghan government just lost huge this weekend! Now it is behind Ukraine who is asking USA for $35 billion in assistance. Big problem for Afghan government now? Even if it does sign BSA, it will likely get much less USA financial assistance because USA can only hand out so much at any point in time and Ukraine is not nearly as corrupt as Afghanistan, meaning USA will get paid back on its investment much faster than Afghanistan could ever pay.

    Now with $7 billion to Pakistan through World Bank, one has to wonder just how much money big government have for it. But it is not too late. USA is only know working to create needed funding for Ukraine. But because Ukraine is also an emerging market it is likely World Bank will also be asked to assist Ukraine, further stressing major assistance programs elsewhere.

    Hopefully there is still time for Afghanistan because so many people need jobs and if the funding is not available, projects will not materialize and huge numbers of jobs will be lost all because of Hamid Karzai.

  3. I see the Afghan government whining like a little baby because it wants all sorts of big projects to be spent on it. I honestly don’t see this government surviving. It is simply too childish. And I agree with US government in that it can find other governments much more friendly to USA to help us patrol the area to keep terrorist uprising from occurring. I think what Afghan leaders really expected is that they could continue to sit on their behinds while institutions like the World Bank rebuilt their country for them

    There are 2 very effective ways to help Afghanistan move forward. #1 assist them in becoming more productive. #1 Leave and let them figure out how to do it on their own. #2 is exactly what USA did with Iraq. Of course Iraq doesn’t have nearly the problems Afghanistan has. If I were the leader of Afghanistan, I’d jump at any possibility I could to make life better for my people, especially if there was an aggressor trying to hurt me and my people. Who knows maybe Afghanistan’s leaders are high on drugs.

    Ending point? One incapable of providing for one’s self should never look a gift horse in the mouth. In the case of Afghanistan? There I fear the country had this great chance but it was squandered. Now in the blink of an eye Ukraine needs $35 billion to keep its 46 million people afloat. I can guarantee both Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as the rest of the middle East that Ukraine government and people will be much more appreciative, even if half of them are Russians, than either Afghanistan or Pakistan ever was in the last 12 years. That’s a great reason to divert cash flow and effectively say “You blew your chance while you had it”.

    Will Afghanistan finally wake up? Consensus vote is no. And that means all the Presidential Candidates promising jobs to Afghans is a bunch of Bull Shit. I say we give the money to Ukrainians and turn our backs on the Afghans. If anyone wants to blame anyone. Direct your anger and hate at your government.

  4. Ukrainians desrve world attention. Let’s build Ukrain solid and strong in every sense. They are brave and intelligent. They won’t cheat the world as failing states like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia. World Bank must improve quality of life in Ukrain. 

  5. Indus, Chanab & Jehlum are Pakistani rivers FIRST and Regional rivers SECOND after the World Bank Treaty of 1960.

    Any tributary(s) to these rivers is also Pakistani if it flows inside Pak territory.

    Afghan Govt, remember this. And do not poke your nose where it does no belong, plz.


    • Comon my pakistani brother be honest and tell me who is poking his nose into others afairs – did you forget who was the epic-center of terroristm!

  6. To: Shahjahan Bhatti

    I’ll have to agree with you. Even with it’s shadow government and economy the world finally has a good reason to turn it’s backs on Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Ukrainian’s have also done a much better job worldwide to prove they deserve assistance more than Afghanistan for certain. I was thinking about this news article in another sense. Maybe it would be cheaper to build dam in Pakistan, cutting water-flow to Afghanistan.

    The dam location seems to negatively affect areas of most intense fighting. Maybe with dam in place water supply would inhibit desire of people to live down stream.

    While Kabul is large city now, it is artificially supported. Once the money is gone, I don’t see any reason for anyone to keep living there. Maybe the best policy is to help Afghans populate other areas of Afghanistan.

    • TO: Shahjahan Bhatti, Hanson
      I will make it very short. If you guys carefully read the article it says that the (World Bank forwarded the construction plan of Dasu Dam to Afghanistan to obtain the views of the Afghan government). There must be something that they know more than ppl like you who just post negative comments about Afghanistan. As far as US funding is concerned let me inform you that US is in Afghanistan to protects its own interest, they are not here to build Afghanistan and or fund pakistani army. If you guys are not happy why dont you protest it with them, cause no one is gonna give a damn about what you say here!

    • Mr. Hanson: Fiancial corruption in aid funds is a serious issue. Seems as if each dollar is chased by Mafia. Narcotics rehabilitation and universal curriculum can change the situation. Good intelligence collection can eradicate terrorism in the tribal areas. English language, computers and internet can make responsible leadership in the region. Iranians and Arabs must abtsain from the stage. Right kind of environment may encourage donors to invest in water projects.   Geospatial intelligence can resolve many transboundary water disputes. Majority of stakeholders in the reagion including artists can agree on disputes related with water projects. 

  7. its idiotic and stupid afgahn govt to protest to a dam on river which doesnt even flow in afgahnistan!
    its like afgahnistan protesting to a dam on river nile which neither flows nor is located in afgahnistan.
    dasu dam is build on river indus. it doesnt even flows in stupid can one be!


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