project-pakistan_2The national security council of Afghanistan instructed the ministry of foreign affairs and ministry of finance of Afghanistan to convey the concerns of Afghanistan to World Bank regarding the planned construction of Dasu on Kabul-Indus river.

The ministry of foreign affairs of Afghanistan announced Sunday that Pakistan has proposed the planned construction of Dasu Dam on Kabul-Indus river in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

World Bank forwarded the construction plan of Dasu Dam to Afghanistan to obtain the views of the Afghan government, foreign affairs ministry said following a statement.

The statement further added that the government of Afghanistan has called for comprehensive and necessary assessment of the construction plan of dam on Indus river, since the issue was not shared through diplomatic channels with the Afghan government and no agreement was reached between the two nations in this regard.

The foreign affairs ministry of Afghanistan also urged all the international organizations including the World Bank to prevent funding the project without the written and formal agreement of the Afghan government.

construction work of $7 billion Dasu hydropower project is expected to be started this year and the project will completed by 2037.

The dam will be constructed in two stages and four phases on Kabul-Indus river, which will have a capacity of 4,320 megawatts.

According to a World Bank and Wapda report which was published by Pakistani newspapers, the first phase will be comprised of installation of the full dam and three of the planned 12 turbines, while phase two, three and four will involve the installation of three more turbines in each phase.