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Afghanistan calls Pak-Afghan strategic pact ‘meaningless’

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Pak-Afghan strategic pactAfghan foreign ministry officials on Sunday called the strategic pact between Kabul and Islamabad meaningless unless Pakistan does not take practical steps to fight terrorism and assist Afghanistan in peace process with the militant groups.

The officials once again emphasized that Taliban leaders are based in Pakistan adn those Taliban figures who were supporting Afghan peace talks were either killed or arrested.

Pakistan, the closes neighbor of Afghanistan has long been accused of violence in Afghanitan.

Afghan foreign ministry spokesman Janan Mosazai on Sunday said that the draft strategic pact agreement between Kabul and Islamabad was handed over to Afghan foreign minister during a summit in Islamabad.

Mr. Mosazai further added that Afghanistan wants practical steps by Pakistan to fight terrorism before the two nations sign a long term strategic cooperation agreement.

He said, “If we ignore the priorities which have direct impact on peace process, security and the sovereignty of Afghanistan then signing only a strategic pact on a peace of paper will have no meaning.”

Foreign ministry spokesman Janan Mosazai also criticized Pakistan for its negative inteference in Afghan peace process once again insisted that the Taliban figures are based in Pakistan.

Mosazai said that those Taliban leaders who were in direct contact with the Afghan government and those who were supporting Afghan peace process are either killed or detained.

Kabul and Islamabad have been engaged in negotiating Afghan peace process during the past three years but Afghanistan recently announced to continue peace talks with the militant groups with the cooperation of Islamabad after the Afghan government failed to achieve satisfactory results.

IN meantime Afghanistan is looking to continue peace talks with the Taliban group through the Taliban liaison office in Qatar, and president Karzai recently visited Qatar to discuss Afghan peace process with the Qatar officials.

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