The Afghan government has launched the first phase of immunization against COVID 19,

During the initial phase, the vaccine jabs were given to health workers, security forces, and journalists.

The first dose of the corona vaccine in Afghanistan was given to a representative of journalists, security forces, and health workers at a special ceremony held on Tuesday at the presidential palace.

Wahid Majrooh, acting minister of Public health during the ceremony said that the corona vaccine would first be given to journalists, health workers, and security forces.

The MoPH minter called on the public to cooperate with the ministry in relation to Transparency and fair implementation of AstraZeneca’s jabs.

Meanwhile, the Indian ambassador in Kabul said that his country has so far donated 23 million doses of its corona vaccine to friendly countries.

According to him, the donation of these 500,000 doses of corona vaccine is also part of India’s aid to New Delhi’s friendly and allied countries.

On the other hand, President Ghani added, that Afghanistan was able to save its society and economy in the first and second waves of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The first phase of applying vaccines on the Afghan security forces, health workers and journalists is because exist at the forefront of many emergency situations, especially the Afghan forces who are at the frontline battling to preserve global security, he added that these sectors of our nation are the voices and saviors of the people who recently are being worked on to be silenced by the enemies of Afghanistan.

The president expressed his gratitude and thanked Iran, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan for keeping their borders open to Afghanistan during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The government’s efforts to make vaccines available to 40$ of the population is ongoing and efforts are on the way for its successful implementation.

This comes as the Chinese government also have announced to support Afghanistan with 250,0000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines.

Currently, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank have taken the responsibility to fund and provide Afghan citizens with immunization against the virus that shook the world.

In a recent report, the death toll due to the pandemic in the United States has surged above 500,000 people, which is nearly half a million people who died because of COVID-19.


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