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Afghanistan at Brink of Irreversible Ruin: Amnesty International

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Arif Ahmadi
Arif Ahmadi
Arif Ahmadi holds a B.A. degree in Journalism. He works as an Editor & Content Writer for Khaama Press.
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KABUL, Afghanistan – Islamic Emirate leadership in reaction to a petition by Amnesty International regarding the violation of human rights in Afghanistan said the organization’s report is far from the truth.

Earlier, Amnesty International created a petition on what it considers to be human rights violations in Afghanistan and is requesting comments from people all around the world.

According to the officials, the current leadership has respected human rights, especially women’s rights, within the framework of Islamic Sharia, defying the findings by several international NGOs who hold the Taliban responsible for their rule since the takeover last August.

“All of these reports are false,” said Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman of the Islamic Emirate. “Since the Islamic Emirate took control, Afghanistan has preserved its two decades of human rights.”

Addressing years of conflicts and bloodsheds in Afghanistan between 2002 to 2022, Karimi questioned the presence of all those agencies who advocate women’s right – including the Amnesty International.

“Where were these institutions, and why didn’t they speak up when Afghans were being killed by the invading soldiers?” he questioned, as TOLOnews quoted.

But Amnesty International says the Islamic Emirate has started a new era of human rights abuse and violations since taking over on 15 August 2021 in Afghanistan. About a year later, the country is “at the brink of irreversible ruin.”

“Not only the Taliban de-facto authorities have broken their promise of protecting Afghan people’s rights, especially women’s rights, they have resumed the cycle of violence and committed a litany of human rights abuses and violations with full impunity,” the petition read.

“In one year, they have systematically dismantled key institutions for human rights protection, clamped down on freedom of expression, association, fair trial, and other rights. The fundamental rights of women and girls have been stripped.”

“Thousands of Afghans have been arbitrarily detained, tortured, disappeared, and even killed. Journalists, activists, human rights defenders, artists, academics, religious and ethnic minorities remain at particular risk,” the petition further elaborated.



Meanwhile, an Afghan member of the organization Samira Hamidi said that in the past years, there had been a lack of respect for the rights of Afghan residents, particularly those of women, artists, journalists, and minorities.

“With this petition, we seek to put pressure on the Taliban to end human rights violence and pressure on the international community to hold (the Islamic Emirate) accountable for human rights violations,” she said, as local media quoted.

Supporting the petition, Farah Mustafawi, a women’s rights activist, said “the United Nations can force the Taliban to abide by international law.”

“Any action taken to protect women’s rights in this circumstance would be helpful, provided it is not temporary, it will increase unity among the human rights defenders, and it would support women’s internal protests,” said Maryam Arween, another activist.

Amnesty International has previously urged the Islamic Emirate to provide women and girls in Afghanistan the right to work and get an education, as well as participate in politics and society.

The non-governmental organization focused on human rights, with its headquarters in the United Kingdom, has more than ten million members and supporters around the world.

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