The Afghan government has appointed Shahrzad Akbar as the new Chief of Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan.

Seema Samar was previously serving as the Chief of Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan. She was in charge of the commission for over 18 years.

Born in 1987 in northern Jawzjan province of Afghanistan, Shahrzad Akbar completed her higher education in Oxford University of United Kingdom.

Akbar has worked in various governmental institutions and non-governmental organizations.

She has also served as deputy to the National Security Council and senior adviser to President in Councils’ affairs.

The latest appointments by the government has sparked objections of the presidential runners who have repeatedly raised their voices regarding the issue which comes months before the presidential elections.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan John Bass on Wednesday issued a statement, emphasizing that “we have strong expectations as do all Afghans, I think, to see all of the candidates respecting Afghan law that prohibits government officials or people with access to government officials from using government resources to benefit their campaign.”


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