November 21, 2018

Afghanistan and Pakistan to play T20 cricket matches: PCB Chairman

By Khaama Press - Sat May 27 2017, 9:12 pm

The Afghanistan and Pakistan national cricket teams will face each other during a friendly Twenty20 cricket series, the Pakistani officials have said.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Shahryar Khan has said the series will likely be played either in Afghanistan, Pakistan, or Sharjah city of the United Arab Emirates.

Khan quoted in a report by the local newspaper, Dawn News, said he date of the series could not yet be decided as the two cricketing sides were preoccupied in their own commitments at the moment.

The PCB Chairman further added that Pakistan would help Afghanistan in International Cricket Council (ICC) issues and in making the country a permanent member of the international cricket governing body.

He said eight or nine Pakistani players would be facilitated in their endeavours to participate in an Afghan cricket league.

The Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) officials have not formally commented regarding the possible series so far.

The Afghanistan national cricket team is currently in West Indies as they expect to play series of Twenty20 International and One Day International matches with the West Indies team.

If confirmed, the bilateral friendly series with Pakistan will be another major event for the Afghan team as they have stepped up efforts to organize matches with the major international teams.

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  1. Stupid Shahayar, how Pakistan will play cricket with Afghanistan until Govt of Afghanistan will not stop making propaganda against Pakistan. Everyone know that Afghanistan policy towards Pakistan is prepared from New Delhi. How can you ever think now to help a country who gdve you bomb blast in return of your 30 years of hospitality and is already a slave of your dirty enemy India. Nothing you will get from sick Afghanistan so no cricket with NAMAK-HARAM Afghan.

  2. why pcb has to even think about it,,,Pakistan will waste its energies and valueable time…Pakistan has absolutely no need to have even diplomatic ties with them..also diplomatic ties with iran too..iranis are going down soon because of their own actions…now in trouble start talking about ..islam and ummah..interfering every whare..israil,lebanon.saudi Arabia..Syria,iraq,yemen.azerbaijan,pakistan,six gulf states,caucuses,,central asia…most coward and stupid nation…their 1st and 2nd world war..soldiers and officers..start commiting suicide…remaining one’s went home,,leaving great mother faris on its own…commiting suicide and running away..its army has no match at all for the enemies…this is why now is really time of need always says good mother fars……

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