Pakistan’s National Security Advisor Nasser Khan Janjua says Afghanistan and Pakistan can become the trade and economic hub of the world as the two countries share common economic future and numerous opportunities.

Janjua made the remarks during a gathering ‘Peace – a dividend for development and stability in Afghanistan’.

He said Pakistan and Afghanistan share numerous opportunities and share common economic future with a potential to connect to markets of Europe, Africa and rest of Asia thereby becoming a trade and economic hub of the world, according to The News.

According to Janjua, CPEC is only half of the dream of China’s Belt and Road Initiative and Afghanistan is next half of the dream by connecting whole central Asia and Europe.

Janjua also added that Pakistan is the only country that can multiply the regional economies; and Pakistan needs to work beyond CPEC and connect the whole world.

He assured that Pakistan will support any effort of peace process by Afghan as peace is a dividend for both the countries, the region the world.


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