Pakistan-interferrence-in-AfghanistanThe Afghan and Pakistani authorities have agreed on a ceasefire at Torkham following three days of intense tensions that led to heavy clashes on numerous occasions.

The Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal confirmed that a ceasefire was agreed following the meetings with the Pakistani authorities.

“Productive meetings with relevant Pak leadership on Torkham issue. Agreed on ceasefire, deescalation of tension, draw down of military buildup and steps forward for an amicable solution,” Zakhilwal said in a short message posted on his Facebook account.

In the meantime, the local media in Pakistan reported that construction work on Torkham gate also started following the ceasefire announcement.

However, the Afghan officials have not commented in this regard so far which was the main cause of deadly clashes over the past three days.

At least three Afghan border guards lost their lives during the clashes and numerous others were wounded and the Pakistani authorities confirmed the death of a senior army officer.

Although, the exact number of casualties of the Pakistani forces has not ascertained so far.

The clashes in Torkham started late on Sunday night after the Afghan border guards interferred to stop the work on the construction of the gate along the zero point of Durand Line.

The Afghan officials condemned the act by the Pakistani forces and called it against the bilateral agreement as the two nations must consult before starting work on any installation along the zero line.


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