Kabul and New Delhi will hold new talks on security cooperation in the wake of latest developments, specifically after news reports emerged suggesting that the U.S. President Donald Trump is mulling withdrawal of nearly 7 thousand troops from the country.

The latest round of talks would take place between the National Security Advisors of the two countries, it has been reported.

“The Afghan NSA is likely to hold parleys with his Indian counterpart Ajit Doval along with other senior military and political leadership,” sources privy of the development have told media outlets in India.

India has played a major role in the reconstruction of Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban regime and has invested over $2 billion in various reconstruction and infrastructure projects.

The government of India pledged a fresh aid package of $1 billion to support the reconstruction projects in Afghanistan during a visit by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in late 2016.

The two countries have also developed a high level of cooperation in terms of military and security during the recent years.