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Afghan women bring hope through online education amid challenges

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Fidel Rahmati
Fidel Rahmati
Fidai Rahmati is the editor and content writer for Khaama Press. You may follow him at Twitter @FidelRahmati
Robina Azizi: Founder of Girls on the Path of Change.

Written By: Tabasum Nasiry

Many creative women and girls in Afghanistan are seeking ways to bring about change following the end of individual and social freedoms for women. They are striving to provide online education and restore hope to girls. Their motto is: Never surrender to the circumstances.

Robina Azizi, a tenth-grade student and the founder of “Girls on the Path of Change,” is concerned about the restrictions that banned girls’ freedoms in Afghanistan. She aims to provide online education for underserved girls and motivate them to stand against the current conditions.

“Girls on the Path of Change,” an initiative started by the courageous 17-year-old Robina without any organizational support about five months ago, has managed to launch workshops, exhibitions, and motivational seminars for thousands of girls in over five provinces of the country. The initiative is active in fields such as photography, painting, writing, online commerce, foreign languages, poetry, and public speaking, with the potential for expansion shortly.

In a time when women are confined at home, Robina says: “Women must never stop and to empower other women, they should strive, never losing their strength.”

She consistently emphasizes standing with women more than ever, asserting that unity among women transforms them into a force and creates knowledge within homes become the utmost courage against ignorance.

Having left Afghanistan due to security threats, she considers it a quasi-prison for girls, where each passing day complicates their situation.

Zahra Saba, a contributor to the Girls on the Path of Change initiative, spoke with Khaama Press News Agency. She says the challenging days after girls were banned from schools motivated her to support other girls who have experienced similar conditions.

Living in Kunduz province, Saba collaborates in public speaking, writing, and conducting motivational seminars within the Girls on the Path of Change initiative.

She finds these supportive initiatives for girls are beneficial, as her online activities in this initiative have nurtured hopeful aspirations for a bright future. She strives to expand her horizons even within her small home.

Girls on the Path of Change inspires motivation among education-deprived girls, with some believing that “Afghanistan, having eager young girls pursuing big dreams from a young age, will eventually reach freedom.”

Participating girls in this educational program urge others to utilize the opportunity of being at home and rescuing themselves from ignorance through their studies.

She labels enduring such circumstances as her courage, stating that life’s challenges have strengthened her, and this situation will eventually change.

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