Afghanistan’s Second Vice President Sarwar Danish met with First Vice President of the country General Abdul Rashid Dostum in Turkey after recent political upheavals.

The Office of the First Vice President in a statement said the two sides discussed the security situation of the country and emphasized on unity among different tribes and finding ways to end the existing differences through peaceful dialogue.

The statement further added that the Mr. Danish emphasized on the importance of the return of First Vice President to Afghanistan considering the current situation of the country.

Danish further added that necessary steps should be taken to pave the way for the return of the First Vice President to country.

He said the return of the First Vice President will have a positive impact on national understanding, peace process, elections, and strengthening of national unity.

In his turn, Dostum said the government should respond positively to the ongoing rallies and uprisings in the northern parts of the country and must take necessary steps to release commander Nizamuddin Qaisari.

This comes as commander Qaisari is in custody of the Afghan forces after he was arrested on charges of scuffle and clash with the security forces during a meeting last Monday.